What Parents Can Do to Help

What Parents Can Do to Help Children with Chronic Illnesses

At the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation, we work with families across the state of Florida to provide much-needed support for children with chronic diseases. Our Florida children’s charity offers support and information to promote greater awareness of these illnesses and their effects on the family. Here are some of the most important steps parents can take to provide their children with a sense of normalcy and security throughout the treatment process.

Be Open and Honest

Keeping secrets from your child can sometimes lead to feelings of insecurity and mistrust. Making sure your child is kept informed about his or her illness can ensure the greatest degree of emotional stability for these little ones.

  • Discussing treatment options and potential side effects can help your child to take a more active role in treatment and can often identify issues with medications more quickly.
  • Letting your child know that there may be some pain involved with their treatment can ensure that he or she knows what to expect during their sessions with a physician.
  • Telling your children the truth about their medical conditions can prevent them from finding out from other sources and developing a lack of trust in you.
  • Being as open as possible about the treatment and the condition with your child and with those around you can present a good example and can encourage a matter-of-fact and practical approach to the issues associated with illness.

Our Florida special needs children’s charity can provide you with helpful strategies for talking to your child and your family about chronic illnesses and treatment plans.

Try to Keep Things Normal

Sticking to your normal schedule insofar as it is possible and working with your physician and hospital to keep things as simple as possible can help your child adjust to the demands of his or her illness. While some activities may not be possible for your child during the treatment regimen, maintaining normalcy for your child can provide much-needed security and stability when dealing with chronic illnesses and conditions.

Our Florida children’s foundation is dedicated to making life easier for children with chronic illnesses and for their parents and family members. At the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation, we work hard every day to provide the right support for medical research and treatment for these courageous young people. Our goal is to help children in Florida enjoy the best quality of life and the most advanced treatments for all their chronic conditions and ongoing care needs.