Effect of Chronic Childhood Diseases on the Family

The illness of a child can have a profound and lasting effect on the health and happiness of other members of the family. Children with chronic illnesses require constant care and attention. This can sometimes put a significant strain on other relationships within the family. Parents may lack time to spend with each other and may be preoccupied with the treatment and condition of their child during their free time. Siblings may feel slighted or less important because of the focus on the sick child and the attention paid to his or her treatment and physical condition. At the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation, we work to help families balance the need for ongoing care with time for other activities to promote the healthiest approach for every member of the family. Our Florida special needs children’s charity can provide support for medical research and necessary care for children with chronic illnesses in our area.

Limited Resources in Time and Money

Medical care for children with chronic illnesses can be costly both in terms of financial resources and in the time needed to travel to and from doctor’s appointments and to receive care. This can limit the amount of time and money available to spend on other activities. In some cases, the cost of medical care could be prohibitive and could force parents to make difficult decisions that could affect the standard of living for their entire family, putting added strain on relationships and creating financial difficulties that could take years to resolve. Our Florida children’s foundation works with local agencies to provide support for families, allowing them to enjoy a little breathing room in their budgets.

Emotional Issues

Both parents and children may experience stress and anxiety associated with the serious illness of a family member. Siblings may feel left out or less important because of the attention focused on the sick child. These issues can lead to feelings of resentment or emotional upheaval that may require counseling and support to work through effectively.

As a leading Florida children’s charity, the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation works to provide the best support and most effective solutions for families in our area. We work with 501(c)(3) charities in our state to help children and their families work through the issues involved in long-term care for chronic childhood illnesses.