Impact of Chronic Childhood Illness

Understanding the Impact of Chronic Childhood Illness

Children with serious and chronic childhood medical conditions can often experience other issues associated with their illnesses. This can have a significant impact on their ability to perform academically and to enjoy positive social interactions with their peers. Tracing the impact of these illnesses on children and their families can often provide added insights into how best to support caregivers in balancing treatment with quality of life. At the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation, we are committed to providing the most effective and practical help for families of children with chronic illnesses. Here are three points to keep in mind when considering the impact of childhood diseases on those most affected by these conditions.

Pain and Discomfort

Depending on the illness, children may be in considerable pain at various times during their treatment and recovery periods. Managing pain with medications, however, may leave children tired out and unable to participate in most activities. Our Florida children’s charity is working to support research on treatments for childhood illnesses that could potentially eliminate grogginess while controlling pain effectively.

Good Days and Bad Days

Children with chronic diseases may have days on which they feel better and other days when they feel tired and down. Taking these moods into account can help caregivers manage expectations more effectively and deal with illnesses on an ongoing basis. At our Florida special needs children’s charity, we work to help caregivers and families with the most accurate information and the best support possible throughout the child’s treatment plan.

Effects on Other Children

Other children in the household may feel frustrated, neglected and even angry with parents and the sick child for attracting most of the attention within the family. This is normal and should be expected to some degree. At our Florida children’s foundation, we work with families to determine the most effective strategies for making every member of the family feel important and cared about during the healing process.

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