Ideas for Supporting the Family

At the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation, we work with families across the state of Florida to provide support and guidance in dealing with issues associated with chronic diseases of childhood. Our Florida children’s foundation offers support for researchers and local organizations that provide support to parents of children with long-term health problems. Here are some of the most practical coping strategies for families with chronically ill children.

Set Aside Time to Bond as a Family

Even with all the demands of doctor’s appointments, treatment schedules and other activities, taking time out to play board games, watch movies and generally spend time as a family can help relieve some of the stress associated with medical treatment. This can help other children in the family to feel appreciated and valued while ensuring that you remain close even during difficult times in your child’s medical treatment.

Accept Help from Others

It can be difficult to request and accept help from others. Our Florida special needs children’s charity offers support for local organizations that can help you and your family manage some of the issues associated with long-term care for chronic childhood illnesses. We work with Florida families to provide real assistance with a wide range of needs. Family and friends may also be able to help by caring for your other children and by providing emotional and practical support during this difficult time.

Practice Personal Transparency

Making sure your family and friends are aware of your child’s illness can help you avoid misunderstandings and can help keep these important people in the loop about care options, treatment plans and prognoses for your child. This can help siblings feel included and can reduce their stress and worry about the entire process. Making sure that the important people in your life are included in the entire process can reduce your own sense of isolation and can ensure a more effective emotional safety net for you, your partner and your children.

As a leading Florida children’s charity, the Sheldon and Susan Siegel Children’s Foundation offers financial and practical support for families of children with chronic illnesses in our area. We work with local organizations and researchers to provide the best help possible for families facing these issues. Our goal is to help families weather the difficulties associated with long-term illnesses and to achieve a brighter and healthier future for their children.